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Futures Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

Futures Rehabilitation Center, Inc., Bradford, PA, is a non-profit (501(c)(3)) agency providing a variety of vocational and social programs for individuals with disabilities. Services are provided to over 210 individuals daily.

Futures operates an extended employment program which offers contracted business services such as shrink packaging, product assembly, clerical services, salvage and rework, inspection and staffing for state photo drivers license centers. Futures also manufactures products including bulletin boards and marker boards, oil sampling kits, wooden shipping containers and specialty lubricants.

Adult therapeutic activity programs are offered to assist in development of daily living skills and to promote independence in the community. Services are offered at Futures’ two facilities as well as within the community.

Supported employment services assist individuals in finding and maintaining employment, as well as working with employers to ensure successful placements. Services are also offered to students with disabilities who need assistance in transitioning from school to work.

Service area includes all of McKean County.

Futures’ facilities are accessible to those with physical disabilities. The Center’s two buildings are located along Area Transportation Authority (ATA) Bradford City bus routes. ATA also provides daily fixed route transportation to outlying areas throughout McKean County.

Futures is licensed by the Department of Public Welfare and is in compliance with vocational facilities regulations, 55 PA code, chapter 2390, and adult training facility regulations, 55 PA code, chapter 2380. Futures offers programs which may be purchased by McKean County DHS, CEM MH/MR, OVR, Bradford Area School District and/or other agencies.

Services offered include pre-vocational training, home and community habilitation, and job support. Pre-vocational services provide vocational training through work situations. In this environment participants earn wages and receive training to improve or maintain work related skills. Individuals earn wages based on non-disabled production standards, but at levels which reflect each individual’s ability. Approximately 100 persons receive services daily.

Home and community habilitation services assist individuals with a variety of programs and may include daily living skills, job readiness, self-care, community awareness and self-help skills. These services are offered in facility based settings as well as in the community. Approximately 20 individuals participate daily.

Job support provides the necessary assistance to find and maintain employment. The goal is to determine a proper job match for both the consumer and the employer and have training take place on the job site. About 30 individuals are currently enrolled.