For more information contact:

Dave Rinfrette • VP of Commercial Services
One Futures Way • Bradford, PA 16701
814-368-4101 Ext. 220 • drinfrette@futuresinc.net

Combo Cork & Marker Boards

Buy a Dry Eraser and Cork Board Online

  • We use satin-finish aluminum C-Frames and J-Frames.
  • The cork face is laminated to a high-quality fiberboard and stapled in the back to provide extra support.
  • All board sizes listed below are shipped via UPS Ground.
  • Each combo board is made with high quality material and craftsmanship in Bradford, PA

To order different size boards:

 Contact Dave at the email address or phone number listed above for board prices and shipping costs for your custom combo board size. Combo board sizes larger than 36" X 48" will be shipped by common carrier.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you are not completely satisfied, return your cork board within 30 days for a complete refund.

Combo Board Size and Pricing:

*Prices Include Shipping & Handling

Size Price Part #
12" X 22" $31.25 CB1222