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FRC Endowment Fund 

Futures Endowment Trust

Since 1968, Futures Rehabilitation Center has provided vocational training and social services for people with special needs. We work each day to ensure that Futures' mission is not compromised by lack of funding for our services. We rely on monies from sales, state and federal funding, grants, and private donations.

Perhaps our most valuable source of income is the Futures Endowment Trust, which was established in 1985. Because the income we receive from the Endowment Trust is not affected by changes in state or federal funding or by governmental policy changes, it helps assure the "future of Futures” by providing a consistent source of revenue to help secure our programs.

Gifts to the Endowment Trust are invested, with the resulting earnings used to support the mission and programs of Futures. As a registered charitable organization, Futures Endowment Trust is a good choice for charitable dollars.

Planned Giving

For individuals wishing to make charitable donations on a formal basis, we recommend planned giving. By formalizing your charitable gifts in your estate planning, you gain the confidence and satisfaction of knowing that your efforts will become a part of our endowment with the earnings used in perpetuity for the good of the community.