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The Rocco "Rocky" Vavalo Endowment Fund

Rocco Vavalo

    The Endowment Trust of Futures Rehabilitation Center is pleased to announce the establishment of a new named fund. The Rocco "Rocky" Vavalo fund has been established by Rob and Shawn Huber in honor of their great-uncle Rocco Vavalo, a long time participant of services at Futures Rehabilitation Center. "We are truly grateful to Rob and Shawn for establishing this fund in tribute to their great-uncle. It will continue in years to come, to support programs and services" said Futures' President/CEO, Bill Leven.

    The fund honors Rocco's commitment to his work and to living an independent life in the community. Beginning in 1991, Rocco has been a mainstay in daily life at the Center. His work has brought meaning to his life and he is a popular fixture around the Center with his friends and co-workers. Rocco also enjoys all of the social activities at the Center and living independently with the support of his family. Rocco recently celebrated his 80th birthday and will not hear of retiring.

    "We can't thank Futures enough for what thay have done for Rocky", said Rob Huber. "We have great hopes that the fund will continue to grow over the years."

    The fund will continue Rocco's commitment to independence by supporting the programs and services of Futures Rehabilitation Center to over 200 adults and students with disabilities. Contributions to the fund are permanently restricted with investment earnings available for use by Futures.