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Employment Training Services

Employment Training Services

Supported Employment Services

Supported Employment Services are offered to individuals who desire to work in the community. Supported Employment helps individuals find work and provides the necessary support to maintain that employment. The goal is to determine a proper job match for both the individual and the employer and then have the training take place on the job site. Job coaching services provide support and ensure success. Since 1989, over 200 people have found success in the workplace with assistance from Supported Employment Services.

Facility and Community Based Vocational Evaluation Services

Facility and community based vocational evaluation services are offered to assist individuals in assessing vocational abilities. Facility based vocational evaluations use a series of interviews, standardized tests, work samples and work experiences within a sheltered environment. Community based work assessments enable an individual to try out jobs in the actual work setting. Individuals explore their interests and learn more about their capacities and potential. Development of career direction and goals, which are appropriate to the individual's abilities and interests, is central to the process.


Choicemaker is a supported employment assessment and placement program which has helped high school students find success in employment since 1996. The program is designed to assist students in transition from school to work or post secondary vocational training for students in the final years of their Individual Education Programs. Students are assisted by a transition coordinator in making key decisions regarding career choices. Job shadows in the community allow the student to explore careers and gather information regarding a variety of jobs. Placement and follow-up are provided to assist the student in finding and maintaining desired employment. Employers from throughout McKean County have provided students with many job shadowing and internship opportunities, as well as many successful job placements. Students who have completed the Choicemaker program have gained employment in the areas of retail services, human services, manufacturing, health care, education, and public service.