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Community Participatation Supports

Life Skills Education Program

Community Participation Supports (CPS) programs provides adults with disabilities a wide variety of activities and services based on their choice and individualized needs. Programming goals are developed by the individual, their Program Specialist and team member and are designed to promote community integration and build on abilities and interests.
Futures currently provides 3 CPS programs to include the work center (workshop), Life Skills, and the Brad Center. Each program has skilled professionals with the training and experience needed to work with individuals with disabilities.
   The workshop focuses on teaching individuals the necessary skills needed to gain competitive employment.
   Life skills’ focuses on social, safety and everyday living skills.
   The Brad Center focuses on socialization, recreation and maintaining and learning new skills.
   Each program provides the choice to engage in community activities such as volunteering, education, hobbies, recreation, socialization and physical health. Volunteering opportunities are provided at non-profit agencies such as the SPCA, library, churches, the hospital, nursing homes, the YWCA, The Senior Center, The Salvation Army, and others. The goal of community activities is to develop networks that may result in relationships, independence, additional volunteer and employment opportunities.