Operational & COVID-19 Action Plan Update 11-13-2020

Family and friends of Futures,

McKean County is experiencing an increase in the level of community transmission of the COVID-19 virus. As a result, we are taking additional steps to keep our participants and staff as safe as possible. The participants and staff have done a FANTASTIC job adjusting to the high expectations for mask utilization, social distancing, and cleaning / sanitizing. Please keep it going…so far so good!

The Office for Developmental Programs is now using a particular statistic to define the level of community COVID transmission. That statistic is “PCR Percent Positive”, which is the percentage of people that test positive. This statistic is calculated per County. The levels of transmission are defined as Low (<5%), Moderate (5%-10%), and Substantial (>10%). Unfortunately, today we moved into the “Moderate” level. As a result of this level of community transmission the Agency is making a number of changes. The changes include:

*Increasing the hours dedicated to cleaning the facility:

Effective 10/22/2020 -All areas, particularly the high traffic areas (reception / screening area) have been disinfected at a higher frequency each day.

Effective 11/16/2020 – Two additional hours per day of cleaning will be added to the already bolstered cleaning schedule.

*Increasing our support and communications with participants that have high risk needs

*Alternatives to public transportation will be put into place effective 11/16/2020.

Please see the recently updated COVID Action Plan located on our website (www.futuresinc.net).

On behalf of the Administrative Team, I would like to thank each one of you for your continued efforts to keep yourself and each other safe during this difficult time. I remain confident that Futures is quite capable of taking on this ever-changing challenge. Keep up the good work!


Steve Morgan, President/CEO