President / CEO Message

November 2021

    The Pandemic has provided a number of challenges and barriers to employers across the United States.  The “workforce shortage” would certainly qualify as one of the most troublesome, particularly within our industry.  Although Futures has felt the effects of this problem, the consequences have not been significant for us. This is due to the commitment and dedication of the staff here at Futures.  Our program participants are very fortunate to be connected to such a dependable and caring group of people. 

    Staff Appreciation Week took place the week of September 6th.  The events committee, led by our Director of HR, Brittany Keck, planned a number of activities and giveaways to express our thanks.  The activities included donuts and coffee, a hotdog lunch, a dessert day (my personal favorite), as well as an informal staff gathering after work on Friday. The committee did the best they could do to include our staff that work off site, including our Home and Community Program and Licensed Photo Technicians.

    The Agency’s most precious resource is its people.  I am proud of our staff and pleased to report our high level of employee retention.  We have a team that is choosing to stick together, even when times are tough.  I am constantly reminded that we can truly accomplish anything if we stick together, and we are doing just that!  Thank you to the employees of FRC, your commitment and dedication to our participants and mission is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for all that you do!


Steve Morgan

President / CEO