President / CEO Message

November 2020

I would like to take this opportunity to share how Futures is managing the changes associated with the Pandemic.  The year started with a focus on growth and optimism, and concluded with all attention on maintaining operations along with participant / staff health and safety.  The Pandemic dramatically changed our short-term focus, but also provided an opportunity for the people of Futures to demonstrate their ability to come together to meet this challenge head-on. 

Futures was finding its rhythm early in the year under the leadership of the recently developed senior management team.  The momentum continued for the Agency as it was named the 2020 Bradford Area Chamber of Commerce Exemplary Business Award Winner.  The Pandemic hit the people of Futures significantly on March 16th when the Pennsylvania Office for Developmental Programs (ODP) issued a communication ordering the immediate closure of all facility–based programs.  Most staff were laid off and participant services were suspended.  On June 1st, participants began to return to Futures and experience what has become the “new normal”.  The changes made to our operations include: decreased capacity, daily screening, social distancing, increased cleaning protocols, and mask mandates…just to name a few. 

The people of Futures have demonstrated their ability to be flexible, innovative, and creative to combat the challenges presented.  Most importantly, we came together as a team to ensure the Agency and its spirit would continue moving forward.  I could not be more proud of our participants and staff.  They have done a great job managing this significant change!


Steve Morgan

President / CEO