President / CEO Message

May 2021

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter as we are slowly being released from the grip of the Pandemic.  Futures has been through a lot over the past year.  We have collectively experienced grief, worry, concern and the pain associated with the unknown uncertainty of what will, or will not happen next.  Despite all of these feelings, the People of Futures continue to demonstrate grit, determination, resiliency and teamwork as we work through each challenge and continue to move forward.

During our most recent challenge, the proposed elimination of the 14(c) wage provision, I was honored to witness the amazing response to our call for support from families and friends of Futures!  The response from those who support our Mission suggests that we as a community, are in this together.  Unfortunately, we do not anticipate this threat going away.  Our every effort will be to support a positive and inclusive transition from where we are, to what we will be.  Futures is poised to consider this issue an opportunity to grow and change in the best interest of those that count on us.  More to come on this issue as legislative changes are discussed…. 

Futures would not have made it through the worst part of the storm if not for the dedicated employees of the Agency.  Staff willingly stepped out of their typical routines and took on additional responsibilities.  They did and continue to do whatever it takes to support our participants.  This last year has taught me that if we work together, we can accomplish anything.  On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Administrative Team I would like to thank the staff of Futures for all that you do!


Steve Morgan

President / CEO